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Mechatronic Injector and Mold Clamp System Achieves Up to 20% Cost Savings

Hong Kong–based steel supplier King Steel Machinery Co. Ltd. has developed a mechatronic multiple injector and mold clamp system (MICS) that can be equipped with four injector sets. It can be used to produce double- or single-color finished products with a linear, disc, or mold configuration, reducing costs by 15 to 20%, according to the company.

By increasing the number of injector sets for double-color offerings from two to four, King Steel said it has enhanced production capacity by 70% and equipment utilization by up to 95%. This innovation has made it a leader in the footwear machinery sector, claims King Steel.

The use of Siemens’ digital-twin software NX-MCD has increased R&D efficiency while lowering development costs, according to King Steel. It has applied for some 100 international patents across 17 categories for its proprietary machinery to protect the firm’s intellectual property as well as the rights and interests of customers and brands.

MICS technology has been widely applied across various injection processes and sectors, including sporting goods, healthcare products, protective gear, and toys for children and pets, along with electronics and packaging materials. Through the application of MICS, the company aims to maximize output with minimum investment, spurring increased production capacity while harvesting environmental benefits through energy savings and carbon reduction.

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