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Molders: What’s the Toughest Part You’ve Ever Molded?

There’s a reason parts are the most prominent part of a molder’s trade show display or that they’re the first thing visitors see in the shop’s lobby. More than anything, they show what that molder is capable of while also broadening customers’ minds to think about what is possible with the process.

Plastics Technology wants to give molders a chance to show off those impossible-to-mold parts to more than passersby at a trade show or visitors to their plant. The inaugural Top Shops injection molded part competition, to be held at the annual Molding Conference (Sept. 21-23; Donald E. Stephens Convention Center; Rosemont Ill.), will showcase the most difficult parts you’ve pulled off to the broader molding community at the largest annual gathering of injection molders. That jury of your molding peers will select which part is most worthy of the first-ever Hot Shots designation.

Beyond that recognition, the winning entry will be highlighted in the print and digital pages of Plastics Technology magazine. Show the molding world what your shop is capable of, and as an added bonus, receive a complimentary registration to the Molding 2021 conference. This event, entering its third decade, is the injection industry’s preeminent gathering of molding professionals, with the best opportunities to learn and network around all things molding.

Think about those parts in the display case in your lobby or the ones you pack up and bring to shows. Which one represents your greatest molding achievement? Is it good enough to win Hot Shots? Enter today and find out. We already have multiple entries; we’ll see who comes out on top.

Enter the Hot Shots injection molded parts competition and you could be eligible for a complimentary registration to the industry’s preeminent event. 


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