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Molding Tricks for Higher Profits

To borrow a phrase, Bill Tobin knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two . . . in plastics injection molding. In this seven-chapter exposé, he shares some of the insights he’s picked up during his decades-long career as a senior manufacturing engineer, production manager, and materials specialist at major US companies and through his consultancy, WJT Associates. His objective, simply put, is to help injection molders improve profits by applying various time- and money-saving techniques. Throughout this 23-page document, Tobin also reveals some of the methods that customers use to gain the upper hand and explains to molders how they can successfully fight back and protect their profitability. Several case studies are included. 

You will learn:

  • Why you should never fall for the acceptable yield, scrap allowance, or explainable variance excuses.
  • The importance of weeding out the 20% of customers who are responsible for 80% of the money lost in molding jobs.
  • A simple trick to keep the mold closed with a lot less pressure from the press, lowering energy costs and reducing machine wear and tear.
  • The amazing things you can accomplish with the lowly sprue picker and some innovative end-of-arm tooling.
  • It’s no sin to use shrink fixtures, water baths, cool air, or any combination of these to allow the parts to dimensionally stabilize. Sometimes a little hillbilly engineering is the perfect solution.

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