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New Extruded Pipe Haul Offs ‘Right Size’ Pulling Capacity

The new PipeMaster MBC Series pipe haul offs from Conair offer durable, powerful pulling solutions for PVC and polyolefin pipe extrusion lines. Six models sized to handle pipe from 2.5 to 24.9 in. (63 to 630 mm) in diameter provide pulling torques from 1,500 to 12,500 lb (7,000 to 56,000 N), respectively.

Each haul-off model features motorized, direct-vector drives for smooth, consistent power delivery and pulling speed. Once extruded pipe enters the haul off on a guide roller, pulling power is delivered through 59.1 in. (1,500 mm) cleated belts that maintain controlled contact, without slippage or chatter marks on the extruded pipe, said Conair. The number of drive belts — two, three, four, six, or eight — is determined by the pipe diameter so that pulling power is uniformly distributed and distortion-free pressure is maintained on the pipe circumference. Clamping force is evenly applied from above and below: Motors position the lower belts while pneumatics supply proper positioning and positive pressure from above.

All MBC Series haul-offs synchronize automatically with extruder screw speed controls and gravimetric material dosing systems to ensure stable production and consistent pipe unit weights. Speeds are adjustable depending on pipe size, ranging from 0.66 to 82 ft/minute. Haul-off controls are managed using an eye-level touchscreen HMI that provides straightforward access to speed control, alarms, and stored recipes, while maintaining communication with extruders, measurement systems, cutters, and other key equipment. Full equipment guarding for personnel protection is also standard.

The new MBC haul offs “bring together rugged reliability, cost-efficient performance, and simple, well-engineered controls, all part of a larger PipeMaster line that is backed by Conair global service and support,” said Ernie Preiato, Conair Vice President, Extrusion. “The size range and versatility of MBC Series haul offs make it easy for pipe producers to ‘right-size’ pulling capacity. Their precision performance helps maintain minimum wall thicknesses, essential to meeting pipe tolerances and strength requirements, and avoid excessive material usage, which could affect their profitability.”

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