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November’s Most-Viewed Stories

Here are the most-read articles at Plastics Technology in November 2021. Always an eclectic mix, it was a variety of challenges and interests that drew reader interest. Ranging across technologies and article types, PT’s readers sought answers and knowledge touching on various aspects of plastics in the run up to Thanksgiving.

  1. MATERIALS: Understanding Strain-Rate Sensitivity In Polymers
  2. Density & Molecular Weight in Polyethylene
  3. Formulating LLDPE/LDPE Blends For Abuse–Resistant Blown Film
  4. What to Look for in High-Speed Automation for Pipette Production
  5. Electric, Hydraulic, or Hybrid? What’s the Right Injection Press for You?
  6. How Does Your Molding Machine Control Pack Pressure?
  7. How to Optimize Pack & Hold Times for Hot-Runner & Valve-Gated Molds
  8. PE, PP, PS Prices Heading Down
  9. Improve The Cooling Performance Of Your Molds
  10. Improving Twin-Screw Compounding Of Reinforced Polyolefins

Happy Thanksgiving from Plastics Technology!
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