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Plastic Film Recycling

Plastic Film Recycling Guidelines You Should Know

Plastic film recycling is a process which helps create a cleaner environment for all our citizens.When plastic film material is recycled you’ll be providing valuable materials to manufacturers of plastic bags, plastic lumber, and other popular products. The recycled plastic will be used as feedstock, in place of the virgin resin normally used. This reduces our country’s demand for oil. Plastic Film Recycling

Of added benefit is the fact that recycling film plastics can help diminish litter and waste which result in cleaner waterways and streets as well as a reduction in landfill use. Additionally, many are not aware that ingesting stray plastic materials can endanger our pets as well as harmless forest animals.

What Is Acceptable For Plastic Film Recycling?

Plastic grocery bags
Plastic retail bags with string ties removed
Plastic newspaper bags
Plastic dry-cleaning bags
Plastic produce bags with ALL food residue removed
Plastic bread bags with ALL food residue removed
Plastic cereal bags with ALL food residue removed
Plastic frozen food bags with ALL food residue removed
Plastic wrap from paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, etc)
Plastic salt bags with rigid plastic handles removed
Plastic stretch/shrink wrap with all food residue removed
Plastic zipper type bags

Note: All materials must be clean and dry

What Is Unacceptable For Plastic Film Recycling

Plastic bags with strings
Plastic bags with food residue
Plastic soil or mulch bags
Plastic food containers

With thanks to The New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation

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