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Plastic In Our Oceans

Some Facts About Plastic In Our Oceans

If you type in the word ‘plastics’ in your favorite news feed, its likely you will be presented with a long list of articles dealing with the problem of plastic in our oceans. While plastic manufacturing and recycling are a major force in the world economy, the pollution problem seems to dominate.

It’s not that there is not reason for concern, but the actual source of the problem is usually ignored. The problem with plastic in our oceans is not the fault of plastic manufacturers, nor is it because consumers need to purchase fewer plastic products or change their packaging priorities. The problem is caused by people (and businesses) that litter. Plastic In Our Oceans

Please keep in mind that, while all of us should be accountable in this matter, the vast majority of this littering comes from a few far eastern countries (for more information read Five Asian Countries Dump More Plastic Into Oceans Than Anyone Else Combined).

The constant barrage of criticism of and blame of plastic manufacturers for this dilemma of plastic in our oceans is misguided. And it is particularly counterproductive when you consider that plastic applications continue to provide useful and economically beneficial products to citizens of all countries, even as the sector employs millions worldwide.

This not to diminish the impact of any possible impact upon the environment. Still, it’s important to point out that there is a growing plastic recycling industry, and each day seems to bring news of an innovation that will greatly enhance recycling possibilities (See New polymer could make for infinitely-recyclable plastics.

All of us should be concerned about the quality of the environment any potential negative influences.

But the next time you contemplate plastic pollution in our oceans, remember how it got there.

This is an opinion piece and thoughtful comments are welcome.


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