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Plastic Problems: Cuts, Composting, and Chemours

March is an unpredictable month meteorologically for much of the country, with wearisome winter weather hanging on against the encroaching spring.

From a plastics perspective, the last four weeks saw a notable amount of top-performing content rooted in contentious concerns. Problems included layoffs, questionable business practices by C-level managers, potentially constraining legislation, and more.

Not all is doom and gloom. As with the gradual changeover to spring, March’s content also holds promise.

It’s all captured in this review of the Top 10 performing articles at PlasticsToday determined by readers via website metrics. For time-strapped readers, we’ve listed #6 through #10 below.

10. The US Composting Industry Has a Plastics Problem

Though it may not be what you think, according to a report from the Composting Consortium, which partnered with 10 compost manufacturers to research contamination rates.

9. Now We Know Why Chemours’ Senior Execs Were Placed on Leave

Internal audit concludes they violated the company’s code of ethics and were less than transparent about their actions with the board of directors.

8. Does This Patent Signal a Turning Point in Sustainable Plastics?

The new US patent for a “lignin-based bioplastic material” is restrictive in its wording, but the process has potential to be far-reaching.

7. Liquid Death May ‘Murder Your Thirst,’ but It Won’t Kill Plastic, No Matter What the Ads Say

The brand’s #deathtoplastic hashtag has been a successful marketing tool, but the company doesn’t exactly practice what it preaches.

6. Resin Price Report: Polypropylene Prices Shoot Up

Polyethylene resin prices also rose last week, but not as much.

See the slideshow to view the Top 5 of March.

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