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PolyQuest Announces PQRenew rPET Product Line

Wilmington, NC­­–based PolyQuest, a distributor of virgin and recycled thermoplastic resins, has trademarked its PQRenew line of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) bottle flake and resin.

According to the company, it has produced more than one billion pounds of high-quality post-consumer rPET bottle flake, post-consumer rPET resin, and post-industrial rPET resin since 2006. These products are now branded as PQRenew.

The trademarked product line includes amorphous or crystallized rPET that is clear, green, or mixed color. The products are available in food and non-food grades. Potential applications include packaging for food and consumer products, beverage bottles, strapping, and automobile carpeting. PQRenew products are available for 100% recycled content applications.

“The comprehensiveness of the PQRenew product portfolio allows customers to choose various technical options for recycled PET,” said John Marinelli, PolyQuest CEO, in a prepared statement. “The key for us moving forward is to select partners that have strategically and financially committed to sustainability, who mesh well with our culture and values, and have common goals and objectives. Win-win would be our condensed perspective on these relationships.”

PolyQuest is privately held, with PET recycling facilities in Darlington, SC, and Farmingdale, NY. The company also operates a facility in Florence, SC, and has an office in Austria.

At its Farmingdale plant, PolyQuest sorts, grinds, and washes incoming post-consumer PET to create food-grade rPET flake. The company’s Darlington facility can convert the flake into food-grade plastic pellets using a multistep process that includes blending, metal removal, extruding, pelletizing, crystallizing, and intrinsic viscosity (IV) enhancement.

PlasticsToday previously reported on PolyQuest’s Darlington plant expansion, which included plans for at least one additional FDA-compliant rPET resin line.

The company promotes itself as the largest distributor of PET resins in the United States and Canada and one of the fastest-growing distributors of polypropylene and high-impact polystyrene resins. Its resins are used in the bottle, sheet, strapping, film, and fiber markets.

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