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Prove Your Molding Mettle

In addition to exhibits, presentations and collocating with two other leading plastics processing events—Extrusion 2021 and AmerimoldMolding 2021 will also feature for the first time a parts competition: Hot Shots 2021. All attendees will be eligible to vote on which part they feel best satisfies the contest’s criteria, including technical sophistication or efficiency gains, either in the molding process or economically.

Maybe you helped convert a machined metal component to a molded plastic or found a way to utilize recycled resin for an application where such resins had previously been verboten. Perhaps on your floor right now, you’re running a part that consolidated disparate materials and processes into a single injection molded component, or maybe, you helped redesign a product so that it is ejected from your mold ready for use, eliminating secondary operations.

Show off your molding chops and enter the competition today. Let your current (and potential future customer) know what your injection molding facility is capable of.

Submit your part today for consideration and be a part of the first-ever Hot Shots part competition.

Enter Submission

Are your machines running parts today that could get you recognition at Molding 2021?


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