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Pyramid Plastics Takes Delivery of New LSMtron Presses

Custom injection molding company Pyramid Plastics has invested in three new LSMtron injection molding machines, phase one of its three-year plan to expand operations.

The two 1000-ton and one 500-ton injection molding machines are equipped with Industry 4.0 features enabling more-efficient, comprehensive project management, said Pyramid Plastics in its announcement. It also purchased additional auxiliary equipment in this round of investments.

“The smart features on these hybrid servo-hydraulic machines will allow us to monitor processes in real time and gather valuable data that we can use to improve part quality and consistency as well as reduce cycle times,” said Chase McNitt, Production Supervisor. “This is the future of our industry, and we want to make sure we are maintaining and improving on industry standards. We anticipate improving cycle times as well as reducing our energy costs,” he added.

The new presses also bring larger molding capabilities to the company and expand opportunities to serve customers in the automotive, medical, aerospace, defense, consumer, and industrial products sectors. “We have typically built and run mostly small to mid-sized molds very successfully through the years,” said Pyramid Plastics President Tim Peterson. “Based on new market opportunities and the needs of our current customers, we’re evolving and expanding our resources with new, smart technologies and a larger manufacturing footprint,” said Peterson.

Pyramid Plastics increased the square footage of its production area by 12% to accommodate the new molding machines and installed a new 7.5-ton overhead crane to aid in production. The company already has a 10-ton crane. Peterson says Pyramid is also looking to build its team this year and is recruiting from within and outside the manufacturing industry. 

Pyramid Plastics is a division of Pyramid Molding Group, which includes sister company Industrial Molds. Headquartered in Rockford, IL, Pyramid provides custom molding for OEMs as well as mold tryout and validation services for molds designed and built at Industrial Molds.

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