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Qmed+ Is Changing the Game for Supplier Directories

MD+DI  is changing the look and feel of supplier online directories with the launch of Qmed+.  To do this, the team behind MD+DI and Qmed interviewed purchasing influencers at major medical device OEMs, mid-size manufacturers, and start-ups to understand their sourcing processes and pain points.

The result is Qmed+, a next-generation online supplier directory dedicated exclusively to the medical device industry based on feedback directly from the medical device industry.

“The new platform builds on the legacy Qmed brand to address the medtech industry’s most significant supplier discovery challenges while delivering improved value,” said Shana Leonard, Vice President Content & Strategy, Informa Markets – Engineering. “The digital landscape has been evolving at a breakneck pace, but online supplier directories have remained static and unchanged for years. Qmed+ breaks the mold by focusing on facilitating meaningful connections, saving time, and offering medtech professionals a more personalized sourcing experience through such high-value, in-platform features as chat, favoriting, batch RFP submissions, and online meeting capabilities.”

When starting a new supplier search online, medtech professionals often waste time wading through pages of irrelevant and unqualified Google search results. Qmed+ online supplier directory cuts through the clutter of search engine results to immediately connect medtech buyers with relevant potential partners. Qmed+ exclusively features vetted suppliers with direct experience serving the medical device industry, ensuring any prospective partners understand the rigors and regulations associated with this complex industry. 

New features and functionality include:

  • Favoriting capabilities to keep track of prospective partners
  • Easy-to-use communication tools that enable users to connect quickly with the right supplier and contacts using an in-platform chat messaging tool
  • In-platform online scheduling and meeting capabilities that progress the conversation and get questions answered quickly
  • A request for proposal (RFP) submission tool that allows users to identify relevant suppliers; input such criteria as budgets, specs, and desired lead time; a mass blast to identified companies; and track responses to accelerate and streamline the RFP process
  • Category keywords, robust search functionality, and select filters that help users quickly find relevant suppliers that match specific search criteria
  • Detailed supplier profiles that feature highlights of key capabilities, products, and services as well as supplemental marketing content such as white papers, brochures, spec sheets, company news, and other educational resources to inform supplier selection

Qmed+ features more than 1200 qualified suppliers to the medical device industry. Featured suppliers on the site include Qosina, Accumold, Master Bond Inc., Teleflex Medical OEM, and 3DEO, among others. Visit for more information.

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