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Top Shops Time: Take the Injection Molding Benchmarking Survey Today

Whether it’s your phone telling you how much time you wasted the previous week; your music streaming service displaying what you spent the last year listening to; or even your car keeping you up to date on gas (or electric) mileage for today’s errands, our world is awash in data.

Injection molders are no different. Nowadays, virtually every piece of equipment on the shop floor can tell you a lot more than whether it’s off or on, running or not running. Savvy molders connect those machines to each other, and to their front office, for a holistic view of their operations and to see how efficiently they go from request for quote to first sample parts to order fulfillment.

With this operational transparency, molders can track the efficiency of their processes down to the shift, machine and even mold cavity. What the Top Shops benchmarking survey affords those molders, is the chance to see how their efficiency stacks up with the molder down the street, across the country, or even around the world as we got more international participants.

Upon completion of the survey and analysis by Gardner Business Media’s Gardner Intelligence unit, the Top Shops, if they wish to be, will be featured in an article in Plastics Technology reviewing the data and its findings. Top Shop or not, all survey participants will also receive a customized report showing how their responses to the questionnaire compared to other shops.

It’s one thing to have a handle on your company’s performance within its four walls, it’s another to see how that performance stacks up outside your own business. Take the survey today and see how in shape your shop is.

2023 Top Shops Survey

Plastics Technology 2023 Top Shops

Harness the data all around you, take the Top Shops survey today.
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