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Wipes Packaging Gets Much-Needed Upgrade

Wipes have become an essential part of our lives, notes Ayana Johnson, Vice President of Technology at Jabil Packaging Solutions, but the packaging has been stuck in the past. It is bulky, uses an excessive amount of plastic, and tends to lose moisture, decreasing the product’s shelf life. Moreover, it is ill-equipped to provide a cushion for the bumps, shocks, and vibrations that are part and parcel of direct shipping to consumers. “These factors drove us to reinvent the wipes container with FusePack packaging,” said Johnson.

Jabil Packaging SolutionsJabil FusePack
The nested design results in a reduction in the packaging’s weight and footprint.

FusePack wipes packaging combines features of multiple different packaging substrates, pairing a rigid injection-molded frame with a flexible in-mold label sidewall, said Jabil Packaging Solutions. The company claims the lightweight but strong polypropylene-based container is more sustainable and e-commerce-friendly than legacy products.

The FusePack wipes container is 30% smaller than comparable rigid plastic alternatives but holds the same amount of wipes. Its strength also reduces the need for excessive secondary packaging.

The packaging’s nested structure results in a 68% weight reduction compared with comparable rigid packs, and the reduced footprint enables efficient transit and allows stores to stock more units per shelf.

Combining flexibility with strength, the packaging material and design ensure that it can withstand the shocks, vibrations, and temperature changes of e-commerce fulfillment.

Last but not least, FusePack is hermetically sealed, preventing the wipes from drying out and eliminating leaking and extending shelf life.

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