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ZAGG Partners with Eastman to Produce Smartphone Cases Made with Tritan Renew

ZAGG, a provider of mobile device protection, is partnering with Eastman to incorporate Tritan Renew copolyester into ZAGG’s Gear4 protective smartphone cases. 

The partnership with Eastman will allow ZAGG to offer select cases that are more sustainable with Tritan Renew, which contains 50% certified recycled content. During fiscal year 2021, ZAGG’s efforts have helped divert 60 tons of plastic waste from landfills or the ocean, the equivalent of 5.86 million water bottles, and have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 51 metric tons compared to processes using fossil-based resources.

“Our mission at ZAGG is to protect better. That includes not only our mobile devices but also our environment and the world we live in,” said Brad Bell, senior vice president of global marketing for ZAGG. “ZAGG with Tritan Renew allows users to feel confident their device is safe and they’re making a difference in the world by protecting our planet.”

Eastman’s molecular recycling technology breaks down plastic waste into fundamental building blocks to create new materials. By replacing traditional fossil feedstocks with hard-to-recycle plastic, molecular recycling diverts plastic waste from landfills and incinerators or from becoming litter in the ocean.

“ZAGG is changing the way it thinks about, designs, and produces its mobile phone accessories, and Eastman is proud to be a part of their efforts to create products that directly benefit consumers and the planet,” said Courtland Jenkins, commercial director of specialty plastics at Eastman.

Last year, Eastman announced that it is moving forward with its circular economy project in Kingsport, Tenn., which includes construction of the world’s largest polyester material recycling facility and a Tritan polyester polymerization plant. The project is expected to begin producing at commercial quantities in 2023. 

In addition, Eastman plans to invest up to $1 billion in a material-to-material molecular recycling facility in France. This facility would use Eastman’s polyester renewal technology to recycle up to 160,000 metric tonnes annually of hard-to-recycle plastic waste that is currently being incinerated.

ZAGG smartphone case

The partnership with Eastman will allow ZAGG to offer select cases that are more sustainable with Tritan Renew. Photo Credit: Eastman


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