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PLAST-EX Returns to Toronto under Advanced Design & Manufacturing Umbrella

Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Toronto announced this week the return of the in-person event with the support of key industry partners Annex Media; the Chemical Industry Association of Canada, Plastics Division; PAC – Packaging Consortium; and PEMA – Process Equipment Manufacturers Association. ADM Toronto is Canada’s leading end-to-end conference and exhibition driving exploration into the latest trends and technological advances in the design and manufacturing industries. Five event brands…

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8 Sustainable Improvements in Food and Beverage Cartons

Aseptic packaging pioneer Tetra Pak continues to innovate cartons for shelf-stable and chilled products in shape, size, and materials. In fact, a range of news and breakthroughs are cited in the company’s recently released 2021 Sustainability Report that encompasses all aspects of the topic from both global and US/Canada perspectives. We’ve selected eight packaging highlights from the 165-page PDF document. 1. Non-foil aseptic packaging. In 2020 Tetra Pak conducted technical…

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How Did They Make That Part?

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask that question when you tour the exhibits at our first-ever Hot Shots Injection Molded Parts Competition at our Molding Conference, Sept. 21-23 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. Each entry will be accompanied by written information on the partners (molder, moldmaker, material supplier, etc.) who contributed to making this part; and what it offers in the categories of 1)…

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For Employees Living in Daily Instability, Life Shows up at Work

Why are you late for work again, Frankie? Well, my babysitter, my sister-in-law (she is “free”—that is why I can afford her), she did not answer the door this morning and I’m wondering if she is shooting up again. She knows my car is overheating these days, but still she doesn’t answer. Next thing I know, my car is overheated, and I don’t have any minutes on my cell to…

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Cool Idea Award Helps Nonprofit Create Custom Boombox Component

The most recent recipient of the Cool Idea Award from Maple Plain, MN–based Protolabs is John Weiss, founder of The BOOM, a San Francisco–based nonprofit that teaches engineering skills to marginalized teens. The award, a manufacturing grant that aids development of innovative products, enabled The BOOM to develop a 3D-printed nylon part for boombox battery packs. Teen apprentices at The BOOM learn from engineering mentors about electronics, woodworking, metalworking, and product…

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Essentium to Debut HSE 280i HT 3D Printer at Rapid + TCT 2021

Essentium will make the first public demonstration of the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE) 280i HT 3D printer at Rapid + TCT (Sept. 13-15; McCormick Place, Chicago, IL). This industrial-level 3D printing system features independent dual extruders (IDEX). A reported first-of-its-kind, this IDEX system is independent on both the Y and X axis, enabling manufacturers to 3D print multi-part builds at industrial speeds, even for parts with complex geometries. According to a recently commissioned…

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Bioprinted Tumor May Lead to Breakthroughs in Brain Cancer Treatment

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have 3D-printed a first-of-its-kind glioblastoma tumor that mimics a living cancer malignancy. The 3D-printed model may facilitate new treatments for this deadly cancer, which spreads quickly and erratically, making it difficult to treat using existing medical techniques. New drugs also could result in better patient outcomes, but lab-based drug development is time-consuming and doesn’t show how a treatment will work in an individual patient’s body.…

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